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If youre familiar with the Latin Music Movement happening in Boston, youve heard the name Rey-D! If you haven't then WELCOME to his WORLD! Rey D is Known for his Reggaeton/Pop music, Rafael Rey-D Reyes has entertained crowds across the U.S. into South America. Hitting the stage in New Englang, Florida, New York, Tennessee, just to list a few, Rey continues to leave an impression on his listeners. Expanding his fan base internationally, Rey has been invited to a special performace in Santiago, Chile & has also performed in the Domincan Republic. Opening for recognized artists such as Arcangel, Joel y Randy, Hector El Father, & Nicky Jam, Rey has been networking his way to the top raising the bar for all other up-coming artists. As a recognized performer in the Music Movement, collectively Rey-Ds videos on have received just over 98,000+ hits! The music videos range from his latest single I Wanna See You Again, Asechandote, & Sabrosa. Focused and dedicated to his work, hes been building a strong team supporters & decision makers to further his message via his music.

Energized and ready to take his career to the next degree, look for Rey-Ds Music & Performances in 2010 to have a new element of surprise, creativity, and ultimate Entertainment!

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