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After years of audiovisual performances on stages between Moscow, Berlin and Barcelona, Omid Shirazy is going for a new step.

The singer and multi-instrumentalist has not only being creating his own vocalstyle, but also inventing his new audiovisual loopinginstrument „FREEAK“.

This is not a “common” music event:

thanks to "Freeak", Mr. Shirazy can play live as an orchestra or a band, allowing the audience to enjoy the “act” of playing, mixing and composing music at once, while it happens on the stage.

At his stunning shows Mr. Shirazy is often accompanied by excellent live instrumentalists and visual artists.

In an uninterrupted show, Mr. Shirazy and Co. perform an exciting set mixed of concert and dj-set, from accapella to funk, from worldbeat to electrotrax.

Don´t take our word for it, experience the show

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