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Mrs. K is a real person (as much as anyone in this business). She is practical, plain speaking and wildly creative. Mrs. K cares a lot about what she does. Her simple desire is to work with creative people - from directors, writers, designers, cinematographers, producers, and animators, all the way through to those who commission her. Mrs. K works in a wide range of techniques including live action, 2D and 3D. These vary from project to project, but her consistent belief is that good design, strong story telling and a full belly are the important virtues.

Mrs. K is experienced. She is not only a dreamer, but a doer. She makes stuff up and then makes it happen. She's got chops.

Physically, Mrs. K resides in the foothills of Colorado. Spiritually, she is wherever people hunger for creative vision, beautiful imagery and a great hunk of pie.

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