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    Europe! Hands Off Our Medicine

    by MSF Access Campaign

    9 Videos

    Videos related to MSF's 2010 "Europe! Hands Off Our Medicine" Campaign

  2. 04:02

    Treating Yaws Among the Aka Pygmies in Congo

    by MSF Access Campaign

    1 Video

    The Aka Pygmy communities living in the northern Congo have been ostracised in their home country for many years. They have almost no access to healthcare and, as a result, are still affected by a…

  3. 15:30

    The Best Shot: Accelerating Access to Immunisation

    by MSF Access Campaign

    7 Videos

    In October 2013 , MSF brought together a group of the key influencers in the field of immunisation to share ideas on how to overcome current barriers, and reach out effectively to the one in five…

  4. 45:06

    Fatal Neglect: The Global Health Revolution’s Forgotten Patients

    by MSF Access Campaign

    6 Videos

    Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), VII Photo, and UNION HZ present FATAL NEGLECT, a six-part documentary film project, that tells the stories of millions of patients left behind by the global health…

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