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  1. 43:28:34

    Montana Shared Catalog

    by MSL Trainer

    75 Videos

    This album features all the videos provided by the MSC staff to help members utilize the resources provided by the Shared Catalog.

  2. 27:09:43

    DiscoverIt! & statewide resources

    by MSL Trainer

    32 Videos

    Find resources for Montana's shared electronic resources: The DiscoverIt! integrated search tool, EBSCO databases, and HomeworkMT.

  3. 37:16:59

    Digital literacy

    by MSL Trainer

    25 Videos

    Find videos that will help Montana Librarians learn to utilize and manage technology resources in their library and to promote access and efficient use of technology in their community.

  4. 25:43:12


    by MSL Trainer

    23 Videos

    Archived Webinars that are recommended by the Montana State Library staff for public library board members. Trustees are encouraged to achieve MSL Library Certification by attending 15 hours of training…

  5. 08:43:12

    Library Information Services

    by MSL Trainer

    16 Videos

    This collection assists patrons of the Montana State Library to utilize the resources that the Library Information Services department provides to State employees and citizens of Montana.

  6. 11:03:10


    by MSL Trainer

    14 Videos

    Find training videos for early literacy programs in Montana libraries.

  7. 04:46:02

    Montana Memory Project

    by MSL Trainer

    12 Videos

    Find videos to learn about the Montana Memory Project, processes for uploading content into the MMP, and how to manage collections in the MMP.

  8. 29:25:36

    Montana State Library Commission

    by MSL Trainer

    12 Videos

    Find recordings from Commission meetings here. For more information about the Montana State Library Commission, see the commission's web site here:

  9. 07:37:58

    Montana Library2Go

    by MSL Trainer

    7 Videos

    Find archived Webinars, short tutorial vides on how to use eReaders, and lots more to help library staff and patrons make use of Montana Library2Go.

  10. 04:23:24

    Webside Chats with MT State Librarian, Jennie Stapp

    by MSL Trainer

    6 Videos

    Regular updates on news and activities of interest to the MT Library community from MT State Librarian, Jennie Stapp.

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