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We give out small sums of money to young people who we believe in – who we trust – and who we are genuinely inspired by. These young people have one thing in common – they’re fighting to conquer something that’s taking a hold in their local communities. That something is HIV and AIDS.

All of our grants are capped at $12,000 – it might seem like a pretty small figure – especially when you compare it to the money that’s injected into AIDS initiatives by governments – but as you’re about to find out - we’re a bit different…

We are all about the energy and determination of young people - we really do believe that big change can occur when individuals and small collectives of like-minded people join together. Yes, these people have to have bags of passion, ambition and courage – but it’s definitely possible. If we didn’t believe it, we wouldn’t be here. Simple as that.

Our investment in these young leaders harvests a return of expansive understanding and awareness – and ultimately a reduction in new HIV infections.

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