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Australia, 2014. ++ Debut album 'Midnight Set' out this March ++ When film-maker Taylor Steele asked songwriter Mikey Bee (M. Jack Bee), "how would a song sound from a man sinking into the ocean?", a discovery of new music was explored. It is washed with anticipation, determined lyrics, and denial. Taylor next showed Mikey footage taken of people all over the world just before the sun rose one day, and asked to hear what that would sound like...a journey from one side of the day to the other, as much as from one side of life to the end. These ideas were emailed back and forth across the globe, and memos captured on phones formed the basis of how this music would play out.

Mikey would piece together the compositions during late night sessions in the studio. He'd put the songs together by jumping around the room from guitar, to piano, to drums, to bass. And by sunrise each day, Taylor would have something to make new notes on. He would check that all music, lyric and tempo were still telling the story each song was supposed to.

The outcome is an expansive record, the exchange of ideas which became the foundation of a sound true to it's representations. A recording of the interactions between us & what lies just beyond, utilizing music as the medium.

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