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Muddy Boots Productions is Molly and Justin - we like talking to people about their art, developing small works, and collaborating on interesting projects.

Our current project is Smile Swamp Princess : a rock opera. It started when Justin started writing music with songstress Megan Lui based on poems wildly envisioning the hometown glory of the inhabitants of a swamp - the creatures who slide through life in the murk, a dark princess who is frustrated at her fate and her lover a freewheelin' cowboy from space. Along with a team of amazing artists, designers, directors, filmmakers, and road dogs - we present an immersive audio-visual experience, Smile Swamp Princess

Enjoy our music videos! Come see it live!

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  1. It's called Creosote, I found out. It's used to make railroad ties weather hardy and also makes a beautiful golden dye