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Multicore is unstoppable: the economics are driving it. Therefore we need software to exploit the huge opportunities that these new architectures offer. Where would you learn about it...?

You have been there, a conference that was full of brilliant new technology that you will be able to use ... possibly sometime in the future.

Multicore World is different. We present you today what you can start using today - because multicore technology is with us already – and it's not as hard to employ as you might think. Multicore World 2013 goes to great lengths to find the best in the field of hardware and software development and bring them all to Wellington to give you a cut through the current state of the multicore world.

The II Multicore World (2013) sets out to deliver all you need to know to make informed decisions for the coming year. We present you new software architectures, latest hardware developments and all required information in an easy to digest way for you to make the right decisions for your latest technology projects.

Visit the exceptional speakers list and check the program. Read the press releases or learn more about Multicore World in

For all enquiries about II Multicore World, contact conference organisers Nicolas Erdody or Manuela Vetters

What you will get out by attending Multicore World 2013?

- Achieve inspiration to initiate or continue your roadmap to migrate to multicore technology
- See concrete examples of what is being done
- Find out what to do with your legacy code and hardware
- Know who to join forces with
- Where to find further assistance

Who should attend Multicore World 2013?

- CTO/CIO/CEOs looking to dramatically improve their organisations' performances
- Technical Directors and Team Leaders in charge of defining software and hardware
- Architects and Engineers responsible of recommending migrations
- Software developers at senior level and community members
- ICT strategy and technology designers / R&D and Innovation leaders who want to learn how to do with Multicore what was not possible before
- Product and application designers that want to unveil new features on their lines
- Researchers and specialised academics / young scientists and senior students interested/working on Multicore and related areas
- Investors, venture capitalists and investment managers that aim to learn what Multicore empowers in major industries around the globe
- Strategy Analysts, Policy Setters and Government Authorities who want to confirm that multicore can leverage not only entire industries in software, hardware, innovation and technology but a whole country on knowledge based ventures
- Print and Online ICT Media and Business Press

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