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Saint-Petersburg / Russia

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We are back on track!
The Second International Music Video Festival MUSEEK [which became the first ever event of such kind in Russia] organized by Tour de Film and Loud Media comes back after a successful premiere season.
2008 brought us a vast number of things to remember: lots of great films, hundreds of entries from filmmakers like Marie Losier, Jodie Mack, Clay Lipsky, Keith Schofield and Markus Wambsganss; stunning programs which included retrospective of works by Michel Gondry, a documentary on Sonic Youth, reels from our friends moves [Manchester / UK] and International Short Film Festival in Lille [Lille / France]; still on going tour which already brought the festival to over ten Russian cities, Austria and France with USA, Germany, UK and Switzerland to come; fantastic reviews, competent jury and happy audience.
But what 2009 will bring us?

This year we are going to make it all even bigger: live audiovisual shows, concerts, DJs, specials, curated programs and films of all kinds; greater festival's invasion in Saint-Petersburg and extended tour network.
And to make our ideas come true -- we need your help and support. We are not asking for money -- we'd rather get your terrific works submitted, fantastic ideas, curated programs, propositions for cooperation and advises.
We are open to all works show the interaction of video and audio, films that challenge popular and commercial model of music video. No matter where, how, for whom and when you've made it. If it's really interesting -- we'll screen it.
Challenge your fate and try to take the place of Andre Maat & Henk Loorbach [our last year's winners] and win our prizes which will be decided soon.

We are waiting for your works till September 1st.
Good luck!

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