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The Museum of Public Relations is the world's only chartered museum and library dedicated to the field of public relations. The Museum contains one-of-a-kind historical artifacts, photographs, books and papers from the field's most significant pioneers, including Edward Bernays, Ivy Lee, Doris Fleischman, Arthur Page and Chester Burger. The library has a collection of nearly 500 books, many of which played a significant role in the early development of PR, from such notables as Sigmund Freud, Walter Lippman, Gustave Le Bon and H.L. Mencken. New exhibits exploring European, Middle Eastern and Latin American public relations practices are currently underway. Visit the Museum of Public Relations on Facebook, at and at 61 Broadway, New York City, home of Ivy Lee's first office.

Open to the public Monday-Friday, 9-5. For tours and presentations: 212-943 5858. The Museum and Library are both chartered as educational institutions by the New York State Board of Regents, Department of Education.

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