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Music in the Hall is an intimate space + great talent + an attentive audience.

What we aspire to be is some mix of Austin City Limits meets Tiny Desk Concerts meets Daytrotter meets La Blogotheque meets Thacker Mountain Radio.

We are a grass roots music video series founded in Oxford, Mississippi, on November 6, 2008, and recently expanded to Chicago in July 2013. Our original, primary venue is an office space in the oldest building on the Oxford Square. It has a huge wooden hallway with amazing acoustics which we decided to occasionally convert into a music venue (every 6 weeks or so). We capture high quality audio and video of each show and publish it here at We have a large library of free content, and HD Digital Downloads and DVDs are available for purchase.

To support the show on an ongoing basis, you may become a Sustaining Backer.

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