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Musicjelly is an interactive music-making & new media project based on the principle "everything you hear you see". It's presented as an installation, online and we are also about to publish an app for mobile devices.

We film improvising musicians, dancers, vocalists and everyday sounds in different locations and turn them into a library of audiovisual loops. Built using new technologies, the videos sync together perfectly and people can trigger the loops in any combination to create their own musical adventures.

Collected over a period of three years, the audio-visual loops are filmed in different locations, from festivals to music schools, people’s rooms and homes, arts centres, fields or gardens and anywhere else. The collection has become a multicultural city and the installation, with ambient projections, is an immersive experience into a world of music and infinite mixing possibilities.

Musicjelly was created to show the parts that make up songs and to provide a level platform for artists and audience to collaborate. It encourages people to make music, whether they have musical knowledge or not, and gives exposure to the artists who contribute, highlighting the human factor involved in the creation of any music project.

We wanted to enable people to discover a diverse musical community, mixing up different characters, cultures and styles, facilitating an audio & visual connection with the artists and revealing further information about the original recording.

You can see our online version of musicjelly here:

We were recently commissioned to present Musicjelly at the Barbican Centre during the Barbican Weekender " We create - technology for self expression" and will be at the Interactive Sonic Playground for Reverb Festival at the Roundhouse and running a location-specific commission for InTRANSIT Festival of Arts in Kensington & Chelsea this summer, for whom we will be filming musicians form the borough to showcase the community in a custom installation, player online and mobile application.

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