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Musou was created in 2006, to fulfill every music & sound requirement possible.
We are a company of people who are deeply committed to the power of music .
We honor our commitment to the magic of sound by always paying attention to the role that great music can play in an ad, short films or tv production. Musou is comprised of two separate units:
Musou Music Publishing and Musou Music Productions.
Musou Music Publishing represents music publishing companies exclusively for Greece and Cyprus as well as Greek creators abroad, and spreads the word for Greek music to the whole world. Furthermore, Musou offers full service in the area of licensing (usage rights of record and publishing companies) as well as in the area of music for advertising.
Musou Music Productions was created with the purpose to offer the ideal music composition,proposal and sound design for every project. Our capacity for picking the optimal music has placed Musou at the be top of the list for creative professionals. Our goal is to make sure that the musical result is perfect within a wide range of options.
Musous’ portfolio demonstrates great co-operations with famous composers, songwriters, and artists such as Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Edith Piaf, Nick Cave, Justice, Nazareth, Eminem, Amy Winehouse, Echo and the Bunnymen and many others from an endless music list of multinational companies such as Mute, Mushroom Music Publishing, Strictly Confidential Music Publishing, and also very important companies with music libraries such as EMI Production Music και Warner/Chappell Production Music among others.
Also Musous’ co operations include the largest production and post production studios as well as the major advertising agencies in Greece. In fact, Musou has gained the trust of many feature film production houses
as well as TV stations.

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