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Mustafa began his filmmaking career studying with acclaimed German documentary filmmaker Stefan Tolz on his film “Adobe Towns – Shibam, Manhattan of the Desert.” He also studied with renowned German cinematographer Sorin Dragoi (Winner of 2004 German Cinematography Award) and developed his passion for cinematography and visual storytelling.

After nearly seven years of travel (writing and making films) through Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Mustafa returned to California and attended New York Film Academy at Universal Studios Hollywood. Shortly after graduating he made several films and television programs and relocated to the UAE where he held the position of Executive Producer of Tabah Films & Media Division Director of Tabah Foundation and produced numerous documentaries and television programs that aired on international satellite channels such as Dream, Rotaana, Ar-Risaala, MBC, Abu Dhabi TV, IQRA, Al-Aqariyya, Channel 1 Yemen TV, TV Sudan, KBC, and others.

Mustafa has since relocated to Hollywood, CA where he founded the production company CINEMOTION MEDIA. He is currently in production on several feature documentaries, short films and music videos.

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