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mustard-berlin is a communications production company that specialises in creating films and photographic images for high end clients and, in particular, the automotive sector.

Formed by Martin Bennett, mustard-berlin has worked with a diverse range of international brands including Acura, Bentley Motors, Ford Europe, Honda Japan and United Artists.

What makes mustard-berlin different from other production companies is that they are very hands-on. We are absolutely mad about film and both direct and produce many projects. Naturally we have a complete understanding of the whole production process.

Another feature that sets us apart is that we offer a complete creative service: from initial concept through scriptwriting, storyboarding, location finding, producing, shooting the film, to editing and post production. We are completely flexible and happy to work in a way that suits you.

For our collaborations with photographers we also offer a full service: from location scouting right through the shoot process to overseeing the retouching of the captured images.

We love what we do and love collaborating with people. We think you get the best work by regular dialogue throughout the production process. Our sole aim is to make our productions rewarding, inspiring and cost effective for you.

We can offer you a wide range of services such as creating TV commercials, launch release footage, documentary material, event films, digital content, photographic stills and more. We often do joint productions where film and photographic stills take place on the same shoot.

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