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Dr Professor's Thesis of Evil, a dark comedy set in the world of superheroes, gigantic mutant koalas and death rays, is a motion novel short movie currently premiering on iTunes

Thesis of Evil is a story of Dr Professor, the most successful super villain of his time. In a time where super villains are more celebrated than heroes, doing evil has become a huge business. And where there is money, there are always the men in suits pushing paperwork and schedules. Dr Professor finds himself not to be the one in control of his own evildoing.

The movie will set a corner stone in the new world of original motion novels, a fascinating combination of photography, 3D graphics and animation.

Dr Professor's Thesis of Evil had its US premiere on the LA Shorts Fest Opening Night that included special guest appearances by the Marvel Studios co-president and producer/director Louis D'Esposito and director/producer/actor/writer Jon Favreau.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped raise the funds at Indigogo! Your support helped Thesis of Evil to become the best supervillain movie ever.

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