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MUTEK is an international festival of digital arts and electronic music. Held over 5-days, the festival explores the many facets of cutting-edge live electronic music. It provides a forum to exchange about the artistic practice underlying the electronic music scene.

The festival has featured a host of well known electronic artists over the years, while also reserving a special place for emergent Canadian artists. Live digital audiovisual performances are also one of the important dimensions of the program.

Proceeding to work with a sense of continuity and development, the MUTEK also features a professional component, DIGI_SECTION. It centers on a series of panel discussions, presentations and workshops. DIGI_SECTION addresses artists, but also individuals who play active roles in the economic, media-related, and technological spheres of the electronic sector. Over the years, this professional component has increased in prominence, and has instilled itself as a unique and essential part of the Festival.

Over the years, MUTEK has expanded its cultural network through various initiative internationally, touring in unexpected places like China, Brazil and Columbia, or launching satellite festivals in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and most recently Spain.

MUTEK - 175, Roy East, Montréal (QC), Canada, H2M 1W3
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