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Mutiny Kites was founded by a pair of designers with over 15 years of experience in the kiting industry. Dr Henry Rebbeck and Oliver Thorman established Mutiny Kites in late 2009 with a mission to build a design led brand adhering to the simple principle, ‘make the best products in the best way’.
As a business we want to provide the best value kite surfing equipment we can, however we also have a social responsibility to the world in general. In conjunction with our environmental policy we aim to ensure we maintain an ethical supply chain, ensuring that all our workers and suppliers are well protected, earn a fair wage and are fairly treated.
We work closely with all our factories to ensure working conditions are correct and that all the workers are well looked after. We are helping to establish a baseline ethical standard of what needs to be achieved within the factories and productions areas to ensure we get a regular, high quality product sourced from the best materials and put together with the highest working standards.

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