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  1. We would like to upgrade the service to our customers with the Vimeo, we do however need to be able to swich instandly to a certain time code in the video. First I thought that the SEEK functionality was able to do so, but now I noticed that in order…
  2. :-) thanks. For now I switched back to the old view. Have a nice day! cheers
  3. Thanks Mark. I also noticed that we cannot customize the embedded video yet in the "new Vimeo" we can however make changes in the "old Vimeo". Do you know when the "new Vimeo" will be able to show the customization settings?
  4. Problem solved. We didn't change anything but it works fine now. Does it take time the first time? Or did you fix something at your end? cheers
  5. Hi Vimeo, I seem to have the same problem with video "Drum_Basis_Blok4_Les1". The embedded video works if I select: "Where can this video be embedded? -->ANYONE". If I change it to "Only on sites I choose -->" the video…