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selection of my best films: j t sterkenburg

Muziektelevisie is a Groningen-based film duo consisting of J.T. Sterkenburg and K. de Vries. Their filming style is characterized by slightly surrealistic manipulations and a nostalgic undertone.

Inspired by many Scandinavian and other obscure movies, their narrative preference has developed towards a more implicit and demure way of story-telling. Aloof and sorcerous atmospheres, deceiving the viewer to get lost into his own tales, which will be recreated endlessly.


channels I do:

One very selected masterpiece every week in the S☀NDAY Morning 8 AM Brilliance Breakfeast:
The S☀NDAY Morning 8 AM Brilliance Breakfeast

Only High Definition transfers of super 8mm film projects: ❝ the Vimeo | 8MM HD | Film Channel ❞

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