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MXAV is a boutique media art and design company that creates innovative multimedia installations, spaces and performances. Our work ranges from self-initiated art projects to brand related experiences following a client’s brief. We are a creative partner to agencies, companies and institutions that aim at providing a unique and high quality, memorable experience to their audiences.
An experience that pushes the boundaries between art and design and is shaped by creative audiovisual content, an exiting dramaturgy and the use of interactive technology.
Quite naturally in this innovative field, each project is different and it's our claim to create a unique, new and emotional solution for all challenges. Applications include audiovisual motion design, digital szenography (e.g. 3D Projection Mapping) and audiovisual performance for theatre, concert, exhibition and event.
It's been over a decade that our group has been creating ground breaking projects by overlapping different disciplines to synesthetic experiences at the interface of culture, technology and the public space.

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