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Although we are here to sell Christian Clothing, we are NOT here to sell GOD. The primary focus of MCT is to not only spread the Gospel but to also provide spiritual, creative and educational opportunities for today’s youth and young adults. The majority of our profits will be distributed to our ministry programs and activities that in turn will assist many Christian youth and young adults in reaching their God given purposes. Some of our programs include a, College Scholarship Ministry, Performing Arts Fund, Mission Trip Rewards, Spiritual Retreat Fund and Outreach activities. is not your traditional clothing company and website. We are also an online spiritual resource and free Social Christian community network.

One of our spiritual resources is our “Salvation Page” that is intended to guide the unsaved to salvation as well as inspire believers through inspirational leaders. It is compromised of mini-videos from a variety of inspirational speakers, pastors, athletes, celebrities, and students who speak upon their own spiritual salvation and relationship with Jesus Christ. The page also offers a step-by-step process to achieving salvation an much more.

Last but not least, we are a clothing line that is motivated on bringing light to a world that is slowly getting darker and darker. We want to bring inspiration through our clothing line. We are a clothing line that wants a self-reflection thought anytime someone passes by someone wearing an MCT shirt. MyChristianT is a lifestyle of purpose, a vision of purpose, and a clothing line of purpose.

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