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"Experienced creatives, fresh ideas and new horizons for fashion designers."

My-CreativeRoom's aim is to promote and support talented designers, creating an image concept that enhances their collections.

After completing a collection, a designer often feels the need for advice on how to promote his/her identity, also with the construction of an image witch is both creative and commercial.
The agency aims to help designers create an image concept that enhances their collection, in line with current trends, without ever undermining the importance of the commercial aspects.
Designers and Brands can benefit considerably from the professional support of My-CreativeRoom in developing a coordinated image, aimed at developing the spirit and philosophy of their collections and products.

The creative and stylistic ideas will be developed by means of a styling and photographic and creative process that will become the core leit motif on which the production of catalogues, look-books and campaigns will be based, considering the different requirements of each designer.
Once the creative idea has taken shape, My-CreativeRoom can also assist in launching the collection, organizing events and press conferences and boost the visibility of the collections within the highly complex fashion world.

Our team consists of a wide range of experts working in all related sectors, from fashion photography to styling, grooming, trend forecasting and graphics.
This means the designer is accompanied throughout the image creation phase focused on his/her own creative ideas.
My-CreativeRoom is able to provide fresh ideas and inspiration, constantly focusing on the very latest trends and styles.
My-CreativeRoom’s exceptional strong point is its ability to create and realise top quality and highly creative commercial products at an accessible price for Designers.

Our staff has wide experience in the fashion world and is constantly searching for new opportunities to boost the performance and result of every single creative project.

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