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Mark has been in the broadcast/film industry for over 20 years. As a studio/post house owner, he has produced, directed, and facilitated the entire script-to-screen production process. After years of collaborating with entertainment firms and ad agencies, Mark's knowledge goes beyond traditional production and encompasses marketing, branding, and social media strategies. Mark's work has aired on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, HSN, CBN, Times Square and The Sportsman Channel. Recent credits include THE IDENTICAL, starring Ray Liotta, The Darryl Lenox Show: Blind Ambition (Starz Network), GIRL IN PROGRESS (Lionsgate), ABSOLUTE SURRENDER (in pre-production), and is currently working on THE SECRET HANDSHAKE starring Kevin Sorbo and Amy Grant. Mark has also recently founded an entertainment company, DMT, to showcase up'-and comers that are trying to break into the industry.

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