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Independent film-maker, wildlife sound recordist, teacher & journalist based in Aarhus, Denmark.

I write, shoot, edit and create motion graphics in After Effects.

• Trained at the Wildlife Film Academy in Cape Town, South Africa

• Trained in wildlife sound recording by Gordon Hempton in the US and by Wildeye in the UK (with Chris Watson)

• Winner, World Wildlife Fund Short Film Competition 2011
• Winner, WSRS Documentary Competition (radio) 2012
• Finalist, Danmark Radio (DR) CPH:DOX Talentpris 2012
• Winner, Virtual Safari Video Competition 2010
• 3rd Prize, Siemens Urban Ideas Competition, 2013
• Honorable Mention, Nikon Everyday Cinema Contest, 2014
• Observer Young Travel Writer of the Year 1997
• Finalist, Guardian Travel Writing Competition 2011
• 1 Vimeo Staff Pick :)

I also make wet plate collodion photos on glass, aluminium or acrylic, some of which you can see on

If you're interested in working with me, send an email to:


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