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MYOO - The community that believes in the power of stories and adventure to drive social and environmental change.

Formally Adventure Ecology, MYOO is the brand behind adventures such as the Plastiki and Top of the World.

It seems like yesterday we formed Adventure Ecology in 2005 to educate, entertain and raise awareness of environmental and social issues while driving fantastic real world solutions.

Since then we’ve been busy doing what we love most–immersing ourselves in nature, and working hard to give our planet a voice. We’ve journeyed to both poles, and trekked through the Ecuadorian rainforest. We even built a boat made from plastic bottles and crossed the Pacific Ocean. Why? Because we’re motivated by one simple pursuit: to inspire widespread, global attention to critical issues faced by our planet.

It’s also true that the world we live in is changing and we must grow and evolve along with it. The urgency for environmental action is greater than ever before. To respond to these global challenges requires new methods– ones that harness the power of journalism, business, art and community.

For this reason, we’ve spent 2010 incubating a special new organization–one we think fits the needs of this new planet– and it’s name is MYOO.

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