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MY Production Limited has a passion for the darker side of entertainment. We produce and distribute feature films and short films to UK and US territories. In addition to this, we offer professional filming and post-production services including editing/compliance, transcoding, subtitling, audio, QC, DVD and Blu-ray authoring.

MY Production Limited is a unique and individual creative media house. Being a film production company, we use this level of experience to fuel all our projects and give them the cinematic edge.

Former Deluxe Digital employee, Mumtaz Yildirimlar (Taz) has over 13 years of proven experience in film and TV technical servicing and account management for major broadcasters, distributors and sales agents. Taz is also an advanced video editor and DVD/BD author, who is experienced in content delivery and distribution through the services he has provided to organisations including Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Discovery, BBC and VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon and Netflix. Being a film-maker and editor himself and having worked at Deluxe previously as an Account Executive, Taz has enhanced his technical expertise by making, editing, selling films and offering post-production services. Taz fully understands the demands, technical servicing procedures and specifications for content delivery to any medium. Taz guarantees excellent customer service and communication. He loves to develop client relationship and works anytime necessary to hit a deadline.

Taz has an enduring passion for the darker side of entertainment since his childhood. He made his first foray into film making at the tender age of 16, and hasn’t looked back. Now, over 15 years on, Taz set up MY Production Limited in 2004, offering production, post-production and distribution, and has a library of 7 features to his credit: Cold Blood, Crossland, Raw Visit, Terror, Quanna, Woodland Journey and Black Ink. They have secured distribution for VOD, DVD and TV releases worldwide by Cinema Epoch, House of Film and his own distribution platform, which have all found commercial returns.

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