Mystic Himalayan Trails

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

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We are a sustainable mountain travel outfit based in the picturesque resort town of Manali, in the Indian Western Himalaya.

Traveling is a means to escape the limits set by our own mind, habit and routine life. It invigorates and allows you to touch space, 'Feel' things, taste the flavours of the earth, and breathe freedom. Its like what Jon Krakauer in his book Into The Wild says, “We should at least once in our life pack our bags and live ‘wild’, to see if we can, to know that we can and learn how we can.”

This is the kind of experience we try to recreate. Not run-of-the-mill standard tours, but tailor made individual experiences. Even if you can’t ‘rough it out’, we will still help you find your bond with the mountain spirits, finding places you can enjoy in solitude, comfortably.

It is the feeling not the journey itself that you hold as the memory of the place. With everything taken care of and you looked after, you get all the time you need just ‘to be’.

In a nutshell... that is our philosophy at Mystic Himalayan Trails.

"Give us a few days of your life, we'll give you memories for a lifetime."

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