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"Internet Killed The Audio Star" IN STORES NOW!

There are moments [as they are and as we configure them] strung together amidst all of our other moments of slow growing awareness, when the tectonic shifting of who we think we are gets overcome and overwhelmed by who we really are. And IF we are lucky, it happens without too much bloodshed.

It births, it dies, it lives without bloodshed for the rare and sainted few.

For the rest of us it happens to us [and not for us]. And it is accompanied by a quickening purpose and transcendent understanding of our goddamned place in space: we build our places of worship up on high for a reason.

We decided to make music beyond the summed parts of all what had been done before and in doing so rediscover why it had been done in the first place. Beyond the parts, beyond beyond, and here descriptors that you will read every OTHER place, but that go without saying here...”chaotic, killing and heavy, heavy, heavy”…seem somehow too much and not enough.

Now, Manson [Charles, not Marilyn] once said to us, "there are only two ways to get to the cross…you get dragged…or you go along."
And here, is the spirit of the contrary…

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