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Nancy Bechtol
APA freelance photojournalist

“Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist”
Feature documentary 99 min color/BW, release 2014
and Social Documentary

American Press Association

As seen on YouTube: madpalX channel
“LightRides, Artists, Visions and In the Moment”
“Chris Drew Legacy Interviews”
Access the playlist of 16 videos in this interview series:

“The Bechtol Tapes, crazy important”
– Mark Weinberg, Attorney for Chris Drew, Street Artist

(the Bechtol Tapes) “..our secret weapon, if every single argument failed …he (State’s Attorney) could not have avoided the fact that you were there (Nancy Bechtol) recording at the same time”
-Joshua B. Kutnick, Attorney for Chris Drew, Street Artist

The Illinois Eavesdropping Law, which Chris was charged - declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL March 2, 2012) by Judge Sachs.

Chris Drew. Artist/Activist RIP (1950-May 7, 2012)

The Cook County’s State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, took the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals’ ban on eavesdropping to the Illinois Supreme Court, and LOST!
“Chris is indeed smiling from heaven today knowing that his hard work and sacrifice was not in vain. The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from the Cook County state's attorney to allow enforcement of a law prohibiting people from recording police officers on the job.”-Deborah Drew,0,686331.story
Chicago Tribune November 26 2012, 11:41 AM CST

ACLU American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois Case - Final Judgment on Illinois Eavesdropping Dec 21, ACLU of Illinois was supported by several national news organizations, including the Illinois Press Association, the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the Society of Professional Journalists

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