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More than a sport MTB learning.
With the bike I learned to get where they want.
With the mountains learned the meaning of adrenaline.
With friends learned the meaning of marriage.
With fears learned to have courage.
With the courage to overcome obstacles learned.
With the difficulties I've learned to never give up.
With the bumps learned to get up.
With the stones learned to overcome the limits.
With dust learned to face challenges.
With the rain learned to be strong.
With the gutters learned to have determination.
With competitions learned to hope.
Hoping learned to dream.
With the dreams I've learned to fight.
Because it is struggling to be won!


  1. Constantine Papanicolaou
  2. CanadaSkiCross
  3. Red Bull
  4. Andrew Strain
  5. Whistler Blackcomb
  6. Anthill Films
  7. Crankworx
  8. Leo Zuckerman

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