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Music has always been a part of me; it is a mean by which all the differences are connected. Generally, music is another form of Art, and since Art has its way of expressing itself, by employing Art as a medium; I found the way to communicate with the world.

Having spent half of my life in the Western world, I have always enjoyed studying, observing and exchanging cultures and ideas with people who are of different origins, cultural values and way of living. Being an artist and a musician myself, I believe I can provide meaningful information regarding both Contemporary Art and Electronic / Experimental Music.

Being here in France is my new direction in exploring the world. Inevitably, the language is the biggest barrier, but somehow, it is also a biggest challenge that I am looking forward to with joy and excitement. By working in the domain of Music & art, I am hoping to gradually become absorbed in a new culture, new perspective and new inspiration, and also to be a part of a great community of Music & Art lovers in Paris and the World.

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