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NANO PROJECTIONS - Let the true analog beauty inspire you


Im a VJ and experimental electronica producer

I am biological and technological geek. Visuals allow me to get an insight into my own self where my music combines elements of robotica ( mechanisms, glitch, ambience ) and organica [ think of cells, neurons etc ).

All of nano reactions clips purpose was to capture a moment of self-creation and destruction.

have fun !

The content inside the petri dish that is inside the projector is a subject to chemical, physical and biological reactions that are enlarged up to 35m in size. Additional substances mixed with the content already in the petri dish, create mesmerizing waterfall of colors & shapes that can never be recreated again in the same form. Therefore every single performance is unique, and inspiring to the viewer.

It is my aim to awaken senses, provoke imagination and make you feel re-joined with your roots – the nature inside you.


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The Creators Project

Blackdove has launched its product along with Samsung via KickStarter !! Now You can choose how you feel in your own room ! Nanoloops interior !

Check the Nanoloops in the promo Vid! ( at the end & front page ).

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"Digital art platform provider Blackdove today announced it has partnered with Samsung Electronics America, Inc., to develop the Blackdove Digital Canvas and bring dynamic motion art to life on the walls of private homes and commercial properties. Through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launched today online here, consumers and businesses can pre-order the Blackdove Digital Canvas powered by Samsung’s advanced display technology, and begin building and enjoying their own personalized galleries of original and contemporary digital artwork on high-quality, extended-use display screens."
Use it with:
Apple TV
Google Chromecast
Raspbery PI
Smart Screens
Stay tuned !

"Nano Projections"

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