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  1. Nitehawk Cinema Shorts Festival

    by Nitehawk Cinema joined

    326 Videos / 319 Members

    Application for submissions is now open for the 2014 Nitehawk Shorts Festival! After an extremely successful inaugural event last year, Nitehawk Cinema is excited to present the 2014 Nitehawk…

  2. FX

    by Ale Corsini joined

    11.1K Videos / 5,944 Members

    Share your most impressive VISUAL EFFECTS! This group is dedicated to all of you working with Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects to name a few. FX is a Vimeo group dedicated…

  3. Must See Demoreels

    by versa joined

    670 Videos / 3,558 Members

    SELECTED Demo\Showreels that you must see! This group is FOR REELS ONLY. PreModeration by versa. UPD: temporary new videos will be adding by moderator only. Best!

  4. Letterpress Printing

    by Harold Kyle joined

    117 Videos / 200 Members

    Anything letterpress.

  5. compositing, animation, VFX Group

    by alex kuznetsov joined

    11.5K Videos / 3,375 Members

  6. the Good, the Bad, the Title sequence

    by Vasiliy Shikhachevskiy joined

    481 Videos / 520 Members

    title sequences are so cute! Or are they?..

  7. The Cinema 4D Channel

    by Michael Szabo joined

    5,749 Videos / 2,927 Members

    Upload anything Cinema 4D related: tutorials, examples, inspirations, etc. Feel free to show off your stuff, maybe tell how you did a particular something.

  8. Motion Graphics

    by Cagri Cesmeci joined

    14.2K Videos / 3,970 Members

    Motion Graphics / Graphic Design

  9. After Effects

    by Kevin Hosford joined

    31.1K Videos / 8,406 Members

    You got skills in After Effects, Why not showcase and showoff them skills and maybe inspire or be inspired by some equally talented people Kev :).Your admin

  10. typography

    by ilovetypography.com joined

    3,003 Videos / 2,254 Members

  11. After Effects Channel

    by Heather Hass joined

    10.1K Videos / 2,521 Members

    For those who love after effects and would like a channel dedicated just for after effects videos!

  12. VFX Motion Graphic

    by Ragazzo joined

    16.3K Videos / 5,846 Members

    Hello folks, this group should be a big place for new inspirations. So be creative and upload the best work you can. I'm glad to see you here. Still another thing, please don't upload…

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