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Why do I love what I do? Because in the film-making & video production world, it's never a dull day. I'm able to push creative boundaries, draw out stories, collaborate with off-the-grid thinkers, discover new tech before it's out there, and listen deeply to the story of a homeless child & a CEO in the same week.

Each creative video project starts from a seedling idea that is targeted to your story & goals. Visual storytelling is a strategic art. I've successfully crafted marketing & demo videos for tech start-ups & fortune 500 companies to build brand awareness:
- Cisco, Target, eBay, Fleksy, Johnson & Johnson

In addition, I work independently as a documentary filmmaker on inspiring & emotionally engaging films:
- Warner Brother's award-winning movie 'Batkid Begins' (2015) - DP
- Global Lives 24-hour film 'Le Huyen' in Vietnam -
- A Perfect Match, a personal doc on bone marrow donations - Producer/Director
- Non-Profit stories (NCCLF, Girls Inc, Boy Scouts, Hands on Bay Area)

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