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This multi-talented artist is a award winning barberstylist and award winning photographer from Philadelphia, Pa. Has been living in Michigan for the last 10 years is back in Philly to make his mark in the film and video industry. Owner of AmirsImage™ Hair Designs and NappiFilms™, he intends to be recognized as a complete visual artist.
Born and raised in South philly, is a graduate of West Phila. High, and went to Tri-City Barber school. Moved to Michigan and picked up a camera where he won his first ever Photography contest then crossed over into wedding cinematography and portrait work. Worked as an extra in films such as Real Steel, Sparkle, and Lifetime tv movies. He started NappiFilms in 2008 with the the desired to shoot fashion, music videos, and feature films. The prodigal son has returned.


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