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Narrative Creep is a commercial production company that specializes in narrative film, commercials, and docu-story. Renowned for our right/left-brain alchemy, we excel at translating and launching our client's vision into the market place through expert visual branding and sticky story-telling.

Creative Director, Michael Molina Minard is a second-generation filmmaker and TV writer, working at HBO and Levinson/Fontana while completing his MFA. Minard worked every below-the-line position in Film and TV, eventually earning his SAG status as a Stunt Coordinator & 2nd Unit Director. Michael's 2015 short film Standing8 won the 2013 Sloan Production Grant and was a Jury Select at this year's Columbia Film Festival. The feature script was a Sundance Screenwriter's Lab finalist. His IBM experience in Sales and Marketing contributes to his unique commercial ability to build brands through visual narrative. He is a former Golden Gloves boxer who loves a good political fight and a slamming dish of ceviche.

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