Nasir Altaf

Karachi, Pakistan

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Highly self motivated and goal oriented professional committed to pursuing a long-term career in Creative Direction for Motion Graphics, Computer graphics/productions/video- audio editing and studio management. Offer a 19 year track record demonstrating strong analytical and problem solving skills. Have strong leadership qualifications, excellent record of delivering simultaneous large-scale, mission-critical projects on time and under budget. Team based management style and excellent interpersonal / communication skills.
In Depth experience applying graphic design principles to produce innovative and tastefully created TV Commercials, print documents and web sites.
Intrinsic creative talent and interest in documentary and drama productions; offer a keen eye for quality design to screen output.
• Continuous 19 years experience in graphic design.

• 3 Years Creative Manager for Motion Graphics and TV Commercial VFX.
• Creating concepts for TVCs from idea building to Storyboard to Execution.
• Well understand animation workflow
• Expertise in Editing for TVCs, Drama and Music Video.
• Expertise to judge Music errors and voiceover jumps in TV Commercials
• Write voiceover script for TV Commercials and Motion Presentations.

• 4 years experience in production.
• Supervising Production Studio
• Direction for Sitcoms, Magazine Shows and Documentaries

• Expert in Design, Print Publications, Websites and E-newsletters
• Skilled in Corporate Identity, advertising and typography
• Package design experience from design to die to press
• Set designer for many Sitcoms and Magazine Shows

• 4 years Event Management skills from set design to ambiance

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