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When producing our music, we don’t think what style it should be, we don’t try to tag it. What we do stems from our experience. We believe that our music is the follow-on to new wave. Considering ourselves romantics, we cherish illusions we can change the world. We love krautrock and its experimental attitude towards creating. Perhaps it influenced our sound to be similar to Orbital in Funny Break or Madness-like barn dance.

NA TAK started as an amplification of MEM duo’s instrumental music and became a complement to it (adding lyrics set a fresh start). Its lineup has been changing during last years. Nevertheless, it is releasing the first album „Na Raz”, that was a twist to the group. The album, which encapsulated our work from 2009 to 2012, consisted of 12 songs of romantic belief in man’s wisdom. It transformed us into mature trio NA TAK.

As soon as we launched „Na Raz” album, we started working on new pieces of music. In the beginning of 2013 our new face was introduced during our gigs.

Current lineup:

Dorota Krempa – vocal, synthesiser
Sebastian Napierala – guitar, synthesiser, laptop, saxophone
Piotr Kala – bass guitar, lyrics

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