Natasha Kmeto

Sacramento, Portland

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When I sat down and wrote my first lyrics and melody at age 18, it was fun, exciting, and natural. No designs to conquer the music world had yet formulated in my mind... I fell into the rabbit hole (aka LA) at 23. In hopes of gaining fame and fortune, I ceased having any fun whatsoever creating music. Despite good times, knowledge gained and some success, I escaped in late '07, out of love with music and ready to throw in the towel. My disenchantment haunted me. But as I settled in to my new life in Portland, I found myself becoming a fan of music and art again, and I became open to a new and daring approach. "9" is my reunion with every thing I love about music. It's free, open, lacking any attempt at commercial stylization, and most of all, honest. Enjoy.

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