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I have an obsession.


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  1. I have been using istopmotion. I think you can download a free trial but it is very simple and allows me to drag and drop any photos from my iphoto or just take pictures from a camera hooked up to my computer or with the computer itself. I will…
  2. I think you can use Adobe Image ready - part of CS. It would be best to batch resize the images first to the correct pixel dimensions. Put them in a folder. Import folder as frames (left hand drop down). Then you can optimise them if need be and…
  3. I make all my timelapses with Quicktime 7.
  4. Nate, I hear you dude. I'm trying to do the same thing. You can do it in imovie but the stills will play for a minimum 1 second, which is like cap if you want 25 frames per sec. iphoto only does slideshow 1 sec min. surely there is simple program…