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Nav is a Motion Designer, Animator and Director who is passionate about creating new perspectives in broadcast motion design and visual effect driven productions.
Nav has 10+ years of experience in various facets of motion design and animation inclusive of digital broadcast design, traditional graphic design, brand identity and interactive service/product/platform designs.
Nav has worked on and led numerous global projects over past decade for a wide array of reknowned and forward thinking media outlets such as Turkish Airline, CBS-USA, 2000 Strong Studio-NY, Al Jazeera, Caustik Studio Lebanon, Angelsign Studio Italy, Kurdistan 24, Al-Nabaa TV, Dream Box - Istanbul, Into Pixel INC. Iran TV, National Radio TV (NRT), Shamona TV Syria, 218 TV Libya, Okaliptus Medya A.S -Istanbul, Web Media7-Germany and many more...
Nav has always believed in pushing the boundaries of contemporary motion graphics & direction to the limits of his creative imagination such a way that his work has always managed to struck a brain nerve in his audience. Nav’s vision is to present brands and ideas in unexpected ways and to express the message in an undeniably original fashion.
Nav is based in the beautiful and historic city of Istanbul, Turkey where he is currently associated with one of the largest media group in Turkey.

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