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Navy Skies has spent the last year cutting their teeth under the name Rebel Rebel, quickly establishing themselves as one of the must-see, up-and-coming bands out of Toronto, Ontario. The music behind the name, along with their energetic and impassioned live show, is what has garnered them so much attention early on amongst fans and critics alike. By combining the root ideology of rock and roll with their punk rock ethics, Navy Skies has designed a sound fitting to their belief that music, at its core, has to be real, simple, and pure.

Their songs, lyrically driven stories backed by loud guitars and pounding drums, represent that with an unapologetic, in-your-face sincerity inspired by the band’s musical influences. Shining through is their love for 90s alternative rock (Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam), Canadian indie rock (Attack in Black, Constantines), and the songwriting style of some of heartland rock’s finest (Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty), which is entangled together through four individuals: vocalist/guitarist Travis Caine, keyboardist Kara Gauthier, guitarist Bryan Wyshnicki, and drummer Paul Cope.

With a new name comes new beginnings, but Navy Skies has no intention of slowing down the momentum that solidified their identity. With goals set on perpetual touring, tailored songwriting, and frequent recording, the band looks to build off the foundation already set in place to continue making the music they love. The curves of the road shaped the band forward, finding cohesion within the sounds that brought them together in the first place. Now, more than ever, Navy Skies are poised and ready to carve their name into rock and roll.

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