Nico Bauerschaefer

Wurzburg, Germany

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Autodesk Master Nominee 2012 (3ds Max)

Autodesk Junior Master Nominee 2011

I'm currently working as an Scene Assembly Artist at "Virgin Lands GmbH" in Wurzburg, Germany.

Already during my time at high school I took part in some art classes at the art museum Meyenburg in Nordhausen, Germany. After graduating in 2004, I studied Computer Science at the University of Kassel. At this time, I worked on several independent 3D projects, which helped me a lot to gain knowledge in that field. Besides the common 3D tasks, I especially enjoy doing environment creation and particle/dynamic simulation (digital destruction). I have finished my bachelor thesis in Media Production at the University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Lemgo, Germany. At the University Ostwestfalen-Lippe I worked as a tutor for 3d in general and gave various courses for 3ds max in particular.

Besides my studies, I have also worked as a professional VFX artist for "Daywalker Studios" in Cologne, Germany, "Artview Animation & Film" in Essen, Germany and "Astronaut MK" in Berlin, Germany.

About Software:

“Maya is great at just hammering away on a problem, but if you change your mind on something you frequently have to do the work over again. Houdini lets you create a complex procedural system where you can make infinite changes and always go back, but isn't as good for just pulling and pushing points around. 3ds Max feels like the perfect blend of the two, giving the best of both worlds."

Neil Blevins - Technical Director at Pixar

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