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    by The North Carolina Museum of Art

    3 Videos

    Seven student artists took part in a video collaboration for Accelerate! Between July 1st and August 26th, each week a new artist created a 2 minute video exploring the concept of acceleration, passing…

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    by The North Carolina Museum of Art

    6 Videos

    These videos demonstrate how teachers of various disciplines are using art in the classroom to motivate students to learn. ArtNC (www.artnc.org) is a teacher resource produced by the North Carolina…

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    Leaders Among Us

    by The North Carolina Museum of Art

    1 Video

    These are videos for the "Leaders Among Us" artist residency program.

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    Online Courses

    by The North Carolina Museum of Art

    4 Videos

    A collection of 1-3 minute videos featuring art from our permanent collection and interviews with experts in the field that are used in NCMA's Online Courses.

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