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Atlanta, GA

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I am a versatile musician and have been playing numerous instruments for about 20 years. In high school I played bass in jazz band and went on to play in numerous rock bands opening for Don Caballero, The Wrens, Secret Machines, Mono and more. With a knack for recording, I produced album after album and found myself branching out in all different directions.

I graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production. Following college I worked at various independent music stores to quench my thirst for new music while continuing to hone my recording and compositional skills at home. I also started my own online record store to sell obscure and overlooked music ranging from ambient and electronica to avant-garde and underground jazz.

The wealth of talent on Vimeo is inspiring. One day maybe I'll shoot a film, until then I'll keep kicking out the jams.

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