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Humble beginings they say.

We aren’t in it for the cars or the glory, we are here to do what no one else thought of doing, creating a platform for photographers in the car scene to showcase their work, we are here for the photo’s.

Many people are mistaking the fact of how we came to be, we didn’t get inspired by a blog or by trying to make ourselves famous and getting a name or something out there, it started with two guys who got tired of everyone always playing the blind eye to bad photography.

Neck Breakerz started out early in 2012 deriving from an argument between photographers and modders about how South Africa doesn’t have anything on the rest of the scene with regards to proper photography. It started out as being a local blog just to showcase local work of a few photographers here in South Africa. It then slowly started moving over to the international scene after Nico asked us if he can join from Romania, as he liked what we were doing, from there on we decided to find more photographers to join in and started moving the blog into the direction of making it a platform for photographers to showcase their work.

We hope to grow with time and get more people active as time passes.

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