Neda Zarfsaz

Göteborg | Sweden

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Iranian-born artist, living and working in Teheran. She is inspired of documentation of new subject matters. As an interdisciplinary artist she believes the best way to convey the idea is by engaging with various mediums, for she sees all mediums as wholly connected. Mixed media projects are the focus of her work. Since her MFA studies at Valand School of Arts, She approaches her work in the mediums she has the strongest connection with: video performance, photo art, and installation. In her work, she showcases the essence of an idea in a way distinct from object-oriented concepts without sacrificing the representation of an object. Thus will the documentation of a concept be substituted, and the relation of the art piece to its documentation inevitably severed. It is a journey that goes from specific to the general, and vice versa.

Her work is comprised of series which have evolved over time. Her surroundings, and the objects of which it is composed, juxtapose with qualities of life that inspire her art. Her world is a true self-reflection: She identifies her concerns about her surroundings and the objects therein beyond the image by which they are ordinarily known. Her concepts loop together the end and beginning of life-maneuvers.


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