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I produce and direct docs and short films but have also been experimenting in 3D production.
At the moment i am directing several feature documentaries, developing 5 other documentaries, a short film and also working on some photography/visual projects.
I'm interested in anything to do with film or photography!
Most of my recent work can be seen on the Sliced Pictures vimeo account:


  1. Sliced Pictures
  2. Dongwoo Films
  3. Semipermanent
  4. Ariadne Films
  5. Young Kim Productions
  6. MILapse
  7. Martin Wichmann Andersen
  8. Paul Frederick
  9. Ben Sutton
  10. Jin hyeonyong
  11. Michael Arnold
  12. Philip Bloom
  13. Alvin Kim
  14. Abraham Park
  15. Jonathan Chou